Aston Martin DB6

Introduced at the 1965 London Motor Show, the DB6 shared a large resemblance to its predecessor, the DB5. The most obvious differences being the Kammback tail rear end, the split front and rear bumpers and its longer wheelbase. The characteristic three spoke steering wheel with black spokes and laminated wooden rim looks wonderful in front of the Aston grille shaped dashboard. The 15 rivets act as finger grips on the back of the steering wheel and the silver horn button with the white and red rose tractor logo of David Brown is set as a jewel in the center. We have managed to source the steering wheels from the original British supplier in the original 16 and optional 15 Inch sizes. Supplied complete with hub and hornpush it is stunning combined with the exquisite drawing of Albertus Holsheimer in the dovetailed Zebrano display case. Collect all three Aston Martin displays!

Aston Martin DB6Aston Martin DB6Aston Martin DB6Aston Martin DB6Aston Martin DB6